Top 5 Best Steel Water Gun Safe Reviews & Buying Guide In 2021

Steelwater gun safes are solid, synthetic with the best requirements withinside the industry, nation of the artwork design, and sturdy production at an inexpensive price. Over the years, gun security will become a quintessential part of firearms for making sure protection and safety. However, it can’t be denied the truth that gun secure together with firearms should without problems be a sufferer of hearthplace if it doesn’t include hearthplace safety capabilities.

Well, that’s what each producer attempts to assert however in reality, now no longer they all are actual to their words. We can all agree that making an investment withinside the safety of your weapons is vital nowadays.

With a couple of instances of injuries in which youngsters have been given keep in their parent’s weapons or burglars having a smooth time stealing your weapons, then you definitely see the want to have a gun secure proper now. Various varieties of gun safes exist nowadays every coming with one of a kind capabilities all aimed toward ensuring which you become with the quality gun secure. One of the pinnacle emblems with regards to gun safes consists of the Steelwater Gun Safes.

The organization has a remarkable on-line presence with many customers displaying their reports with the manufacturers thru Steelwater gun secure reviews. Steelwater is thought for its precise nice however very low-cost gun safes. Many gun proprietors who’ve owned a Steelwater secure say the organization has reliable, well-made, and less expensive offerings.

Most Steelwater safes also are fireproof. Its safes additionally get precise remarks for being smooth to install. The organization permits the clients to shop for at once from their on-line keep that removes the want for an intermediary or a dealer. This now no longer handiest minimizes the expenditure of the patron as they now don’t want to pay the center guy however additionally facilitates creating a robust organization and patron relations. Another motive to shop for a secure from this organization is due to its steady mechanical design.

We’re here to help you find the perfect start. You’re in the right place.

GunVault SV500 is taken into account by several of its users together with the Best gun safe. Considering the facility, services, reviews, and each alternative side GunVault SV500​ is our best pick.

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Top Picks In a Nutshell

Now, if you have reached this point and want to compare our top pick with other pullers, please follow our short description of every other safe.

Top 5 Best Steel Water Gun Safe Reviews & Buying Guide In 2020

In this article, the best steel water gun safe in 2020 will be introduced to you. 

1. GunVault SV500

GunVault SV500

Not all gun safes are designed to deal with huge rifles– a few are in particular made to deal with your pistols. The Gunvault Speedvault SV500 Gun Safe presents you short get entry to and stable garage for firearms. The drop-down drawer layout of the secure continues your gun secured and guarded at the same time as its compact layout guarantees which you get to get entry to your firearms quickly, from below the desks and chairs as well. You can mount the secure on some of the surfaces.

It comes with an indoors mild which makes it clean to apply in low-mild conditions. The keypad additionally has a silent mode, so intruders won’t recognize while you are liberating your pistol. It is made of 18-gauge metallic for introduced durability.

Key features :  

  • Color Black
  • Brand GunVault
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 6.5 x 3.5 x 13 inches
  • Material Other
  • Item Weight 6.61 Pounds

Things we found bothering :

You may find that the keypads on the safe are very sensitive to be touched. So there is a good chance of being wrong if you are not the right owner. Is not that great? 

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2. 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe

7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe

The 7700 Flat Electronic Wall Safe comes with 18-gauge powder coating presenting extra security. It comes with hidden hinges that offer introduced robbery safety and save you drilling as well. The secure can healthy 8 lengthy guns and springs with a disheveled backside for added cushioning.

The secure isn’t designed that will help you keep valuable- it focuses totally on ok rifle storage. The 55-inch tall secure can maintain a pistol, ammunition, and a few valuables in a small lockbox. The secure comes with an easy but secure layout so one can appeal to no-nonsense buyers. The door is likewise recessed with inner hinges and strengthened with the aid of using metallic locking bolts. Breaking into this secure with prying gear might be a hard project for the not unusual place burglar.

Key features :  

  • Height 19.0 inches
  • Included Components Safe
  • Item Weight 37.0 pounds
  • Length 14.0 inches

Things we found bothering :

You may find the interior design very simple. It is even simpler than most other safes. But as it is all about security, designs do not matter much. 

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The specifications in this gun secure actually blow all of its competition out of the water. It’s solid, heavy, pretty robust, and fortified secure that has all the protection capabilities a gun fanatic might need. If you need a secure to defend your precious investments, however, don’t have the manner to spend over a grand, then that is the suitable security for you. It has a pry bar resistant door with truly no hole around it. Just like several in their safes, it has a carpeted indoors to defend your weapons from scratches and indoors LED lighting fixtures that light up whilst you open the door. The LED lighting is pre-wired so that you don’t have to play around with that.

This one can preserve 12 to sixteen weapons in common and weighs 453 pounds. That’s one heavy secure proper here. Same 60 mins of hearthplace score at 1875°F and 12-gauge body/door steel. Unless it’s far a reduced attack, your valuables could be absolutely secure. If you anchor it down, it’s far subsequent to not possible to transport this secure round way to its bolstered bolt down holes.

Key features :  

  • 14 Gauge steel construction
  • Composite constructed 5” thick door that includes a total of (2) layers of fireboard
  •  Height: 53 1/4″ width: 22”
  • Double layer fireboard in the walls, ceiling, floor, and door jams
  • 3 Way direct drive lock & bolt system

Things we found bothering :

You may not get a backup key for your safe’s combination lock. You may have to make one or keep the original one very very safe. But look at the bright side. No one else will have authority over the safe.

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4. NEW and Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater

NEW and Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater

The version comes with many functions that must make a person effortlessly get it because the reliability and overall performance are assured. To begin us off must be the fantastic ability it has to offer. With the most ability rated at 39 lengthy weapons, you could make sure that it has the exceptional ability ever. To make it even better, the version nevertheless gives 1 hour of hearthplace protection. With different fashions having a mean of 30 to forty-five minutes, this one offers you an entire hour. These and lots of different functions made the version exceed the California Department of Justice regulations.

The version comes with a strength deliver providing three AC retailers and a couple of USB charging ports. If you want to encompass a dehumidifier withinside the secure that makes use of strength, this version must make it smooth so that it will do so. The adjustable organizer package is essential for organizing the secure to be best for storing weapons and different accessories. With the upgraded strong metallic locking bolts, it’s miles a certain manner of enhancing reliability.

Key features :  

  • 1 Hour of fire protection @ 1875°F
  • Maximum 39 (13/13/13) long gun capacity 
  • Exceeds California Department of Justice regulatory standards for residential security containers
  • 12 Gauge steel construction
  • Composite constructed 5 1/8” thick door that includes a total of (3) layers of fire-board

Things we found bothering :

You may find that bigger guns are not very suitable for this safe. But you can keep your comparatively smaller guns and it will be a perfect match.  

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5. E.M.P Proof Steelwater Extreme Duty 22

E.M.P Proof Steelwater Extreme Duty 22

This is the excellent secure Steelwater has to offer. It is one in every of their Extreme-Duty secure that has a 9-gauge thick metal frame construction. This component is truly heavy and weighs 765 pounds. The indoors are carpeted, have strengthened shelving and they’re adjustable. It comes with a door organizer that has baggage and pistol safes.

It comes with 450-gram Free Dry Pack rechargeable silica gel dehumidifying box however you may improve to an electric-powered version that you want to shop for separately. The EMP-evidence virtual lock has an LED backlighting keypad that lets in for a low mild operation. This one is a heat-sensing keypad that honestly will increase the sturdiness of this virtual lock. If a person tampers with the lock, there are spring-loaded inner lock in order to steady the secure.  Behind this lock is a ballistic/drill resistant tough plate.

This secure has a quarter-inch-thick metal plate at the door and a 4-gauge thick metal door. With an amazing one hundred twenty mins of hearthplace protection, that is with the aid of using away the very best hearthplace score you may locate on a security that has a sub-2000-greenback charge point. This secure can effortlessly accommodate 12 to fourteen lengthy guns with a moderate change to the indoors.

Key features :  

  • 2 Hours of fire protection at 1875°F
  • Maximum 22 (11/11) long gun capacity 
  • Exceeds California Department of Justice regulatory standards for gun safes
  • Composite constructed 5 ¼” thick door that includes a ¼” solid steel plate and a total of (4) layers of fire-board
  • Door opening: Height: 49” Width: 20 1/16”

Things we found bothering :

Some of you may face the problem of being very expensive. But we are talking about gun safety here, so spending money on it will be worth it.  

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There Should Be Some Consideration Before Purchasing Steel Water Gun Safe 


Most in their merchandise are available three exclusive variants. They are Standard, Heavy-Duty, and Extreme Duty variants. Standards are the price range safes that I’ve been speaking about.

But in case you need to absolutely the quality, pass for the Extreme Duty fashions as they may have all of the contemporary safety capabilities and sturdy construction. If you need the quality bang to your dollar vault, go together with any in their Extreme Duty fashions.


Most in their safes are designed to save you, thieves, from getting access to your valuables. Even if they are attempting to tamper with the locks, hinges, or the handle, they’ll be nowhere close to getting access to the secure.

Their safes have prybar-proofed five-inch-thick doorways 1 ½-inch locking bolts on all sides. If a person attempts to tamper with the lock, there are relocking gadgets to maintain your security.


Most in their gun safes additionally characteristic thick metal difficult plate located within the door this is ten instances large than average. These plates guard the lock against the interior in addition to the essential inner additives just like the equipment force gadget and the re-locking mechanism.  For progressed energy and longevity, even the shelving in their safes is made the use of bolstered metal. While maximum gun secure makers are nevertheless the use of particleboard. The indoors is completely upholstered with a view to save you scratches on your guns.

Bottom line

In the gun secure market, if it isn’t loopy expensive, it isn’t an actual secure. They are extra of a beefed-up cupboard that could deter informal thieves or housebreaking attempts. Steelwater however, has a quite strong lineup of safes which might be clearly accurate. They’re relatively less costly and still have an actually accurate variety of functions. When searching out an awesome fireproof gun secure, make certain you search for key functions like a UL fireproof rating, inner A/C, and sturdy safety from drill and pry attacks.

Well, type of. If a person desires to actually break-in and has sufficient time and space, he/she can be able to likely get in or scouse borrow the complete thing.