Best Drop Leg Holster for 2021(Product Review and Buyers Guide)

Let’s face it:

If you carry a gun throughout the day, chances are you will experience back sore and pain. Even with the rigid belt, it can still get heavy if you carry a couple of guns, ammo, and flashlights.

The solution?

You need to reduce the weight on the belt and distribute it evenly. Using the best drop leg holster, you’ll reduce the sores and pain in your back. Best of all, the weight will be distributed to your thighs.

Since there are plenty of tactical drop leg holsters in the market, it’s challenging to select the right gear. The good news is, we have done the research and tested these items. That way, we save you time and resources from investing in a shitty product.

But wait, there’s more.

We have also included a buyer’s guide to help you understand more about the drop leg holster. Most importantly, there are also some frequently asked questions you may have before you invest in the best drop leg holster.

Sounds fair, let’s get started.

7 of the Best Drop Leg Holster in 2020-Ultimate Pick

We’ve spent lots of man-hours testing these items to find out if they have any flaws or if they are great. And we excluded things that did not make it to our list because of one reason or the other. If you have always wanted to get our expert opinion about drop leg holster, continue to read on and find out what we like about each product.

1. Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Long Holster

Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Long Holster

To begin with, we have this excellent drop leg holster. This classic drop leg holster is a duty holster with two active locking mechanisms. That means you can’t slow down to draw your weapon while at the same, your gun will remain in place at all times.

Since this drop leg holster is stable and secure, it’s so familiar with QRT (Quick Response  Team) and SWAT members. In other words, this drop leg holster sets the standard in the industry. Apart from that, it’s rugged, reliable, and easy to use.

Something else we found irresistible is the fit and finish. It’s top notch, and the firearm shroud can work with no laser or light attached. What’s more, the included thumb guard will guarantee only you can activate the ALS. That means only you will be in control of the weapon.

Important Highlights

  • Level 3 retention
  • Automatic Locking System
  • Extra Space For Additional Attachments

2. Blackhawk SERPA Level 2 Drop Leg Holster

Blackhawk SERPA Level 2 Drop Leg Holster

Our next Pick is the Blackhawk, founded by a former Navy Seal. This drop leg version of the famous Serpa holster which includes extended leg straps so you can move the holster lower.

It’s multi-point “Y-harness” straps system makes one of the most comfortable drop leg holsters. You can spread the weight on your sidearm to reduce fatigue and discomfort even if you wear it for an hour. Second, the molded saddle system ensures a perfect and permanent fit for the sidearm you are carrying.

Third, the SERPA Auto-lock system ensures ultimate security without hampering your draw speed. It goes head to head with strength and capabilities you will find in Safariland options.

But that’s not the end.

The full-length holster saddle protects the front and rear thighs. Thanks to the quick disconnect buckle, you can drop it in a hurry or swap out one weapon. This kind of versatility is only possible with Blackhawk.

Important Highlights

  • Level 2 retention
  • SERPA Auto-lock system
  • Multi-point “Y-harness” straps system
  • Quick disconnect buckle

3. Condor Tornado Tactical, Leg Holster-Universal Drop Leg Holster

Condor Tornado Tactical, Leg Holster-Universal Drop Leg Holster

Do you always want to carry multiple firearms? Then the Condor tornado tactical is the best for you. The condo is an excellent company known for manufacturing nylon equipment for military and law enforcement personnel. You’ll love this condor tornado because it is an excellent example of quality and price.

It’s no surprise that this drop leg holster is one of the best equipment for hand use. You can tailor it to any weapon and accessory. It works excellently as a tactical holster where you can carry a pistol as a secondary weapon alongside a carbine. Since it will secure the gun better. 

With this kind of security, it can be difficult for anyone to draw a weapon from you. The only limitation is its nylon strap covers the back of the gun. What that means is, it’s challenging to engage a weapon in a stressful situation. What’s more, the wrap-around ensures that you will slide even big guns. 

Important highlights

  • Fits Flashlights or Lasers Mounted
  • Fits Most Pistols
  • Extra Mag Pouch

4. Cisno Gun Holster Right Leg Adjustable Tactical

Cisno Gun Holster Right Leg Adjustable Tactical

Do you always experience limitations when you wear a drop leg holster? Then Cisno gun holster is the best one for you. It has outstanding quality and is comfortable to wear no matter what weapon you carry.

But there’s more.

It’s easy to strap and prevents any slippage from happening. The drop leg holster also has material that keeps things together. That way, it makes the holster reliable without falling apart. The drop leg holster has a non-slip adjustable leg and waist belt straps that make it easy to adjust the height.

What makes even adjusting the holster easy is the quick release and velcro straps. The nylon material will be soft on your thighs and provide a smooth draw for your gun. The only drawback to this item is that it is designed for right-handed users only. The  Cisno drop leg holster is perfect for anyone that needs an affordable item.

Important highlights

  • The fully adjustable wrap-around design
  • Adjustable non-slip leg straps
  • Universal fit tactical design for quick draw

5. Leaper UTG Spec Ops

Leaper UTG Spec Ops

Leaper has been making tactical gears for a long time. One of the flagship products is the UTG spec ops. It has universal design qualities that accommodate medium or large pistol. Weighs only a few pounds. It is light and robust thanks to the synthetic leather and ballistic nylon material.

Its double thumb break retention system is vital for LEOs who want to ensure their firearm won’t end up in the wrong hands. Its tight lock allows you to draw your weapon quickly but makes it tough for others to do so.

Its non-slip holster pad and straps keep this holster tight. Most importantly, the single-leg strap is comfortable and safe, thanks to the quick thumb buckle system. With excellent nylon construction, the holster has a quick velcro strap and buckle system with immediate release. The leg padding has a non-slip nylon mesh to ensure the holster slide against your pants.

Important highlights

  • Quality velcro  and buckle system
  • A double thumb break retention system
  • single leg strap

6. Drop Leg Right-handed Tactical Thigh Holster

Drop Leg Right-handed Tactical Thigh Holster

Drop leg is another ballistic nylon holster that is affordable. It is made of the standard 1000 denier ballistic nylon. The holster is light and can accommodate any pistol plus its accessories.

The holster can open for adjustment. You’ll tinker and toy with it to get the right fit for you. Since it is a dual strap, it will hold you tight. If you are a taller guy, the belt is strong to make you comfortable, but you have to make sure it is above your knee.

One thing we love about the holster is that it fits most standard sized handguns. It’s high quality velcro straps or buckle makes it easy to adjust. That’s why it is an ideal holster for police, hunters, self-defense, and other professionals.

Important highlights

  • Quality ballistic nylon holster
  • 1000 denier ballistic nylon 
  • Dual straps
  • Long belt drop for people taller than 6’1

7. Safariland Drop Flex Adapter

Safariland Drop Flex Adapter

Safariland is a big boy in the tactical accessory industry. It is trusted by some of the most elite military and police units. It is durable and light. With the Safariland single strap, you will carry the sidearm below your hip height. Also, you won’t have to worry about the unique strap system slipping.

That’s because it is tight and accurate. Best of all, it stays in place all the time. What’s more, it adjusts when you are sitting, and when you stand, it springs back to the normal position. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the drop leg holster is sold separately from the saddle.

What we also found irresistible is that its leg straps are stretched to allow the leg to move and keep the holster in the same position.  The other thing is the standard double strap leg shroud proving space for extra attachments like a knife or mag pouch. The holster is expensive, but the quality, function, and reputation are worth the cost.

Important highlights

  • Made of high impact Kydex
  • Comfortable and secure 
  • The drop positioning 

What You Need to Know When Choosing The Best Drop Leg Holster


Most of the holster straps are made of ballistic nylon. We mean material like DuPont ballistic nylon, CORDURA, or Kevlar. Some straps use elastic tensioning systems so they can make a better fit for the high level of security. Nylon straps are thicker than elastic.

Leather drop legs are not standard. When it gets wet, the holster gets slopping. What that means is, it won’t get long before it actually loses its shape. Apart from that, if you get a sidearm that has trigger safety, you risk tripping the action, which is a cause of the disaster. To avoid accidents, it is better to stay away from the leather.

Kydex is a popular material used to make the saddle. It is light and can be molded to fit the frame of any weapon. Boltaron is another material that is lighter than Kydex and has a higher strength rating. If you want to have a snug fit, you can make sure that your holster is made of Kydex and boltaron.

Design and Functionality

Best Drop Leg HolsterHow you wear it matters a lot because it will influence the design and function of a drop leg holster. Many people have their holster around the knee, but you will never see the military having their sidearm. That is because there is a lot of wasted movement, and it takes a lot of time to draw your sidearm that can get anyone killed.

On the other hand, belt slide drop holster is not ideal either. A lot of LEOs appreciate mid-range holsters since they have a sweet spot between ultra-heal thigh holster and belt slide drops.

Mid-range holsters are a little lower than belt slide but not at the lower knee. You’ll carry on the meaty part of your thigh to keep the buff of the weapon off your body for a fast draw. Mid-riders holsters have two attachment straps. You can either go for universal design or a pistol specific holster. Of course, a universal option is more flexible. What that means you can buy one holster for all your sidearms.

Strap design

One thing you need to remember is a single strap holster is better than a drop leg with holsters. Of course, you’ll have a few anchor points with a single strap. But again, you’ll reduce the chances of snagging. Worse still, you’ll shoot down failure points which can have your sidearm swinging when they show apart.

Security and Retention

When investing in a drop leg holster, you need to know more about the retention of your weapon? For instance, if it is far away from your center mass, it is hard to protect because someone can grab it.

A holster with poor retention capabilities might make your pistol fly off into the distance instead of making it secure. If you want added security, flip off retention straps are the best option than modern friction fit holsters. One thing you need to be aware of is that while the gun may be away from your center mass, the drop leg holster is close to your hand.

An excellent drop leg holster will serve you two purposes, secure the firearms while at the same time attach securely to your thigh. Nothing is more disturbing than carrying a holster that flops around, twists, and snags often. Get one that cinches safely around your leg without wobbling.


1. Why wear the drop leg?

They are military items designed to be used on the battlefield. The point of having a drop leg is to keep your weapon over a large part of your body so that you can carry it easily. Besides that, a drop leg makes it easier to draw your gun anytime.

Before purchasing one, you need to review your needs. If you don’t wear bulky gears, perform strenuous activities like hunting, then it won’t make sense to wear one. It makes little sense to add unnecessary weight to your leg if you gain nothing from it.

2. Are Drop Leg Holsters Comfortable?

Yes. With any product or item, the quality determines comfort. Many people out there have a negative impression because they invested in the wrong holster. 

Second, you also need to know how to fit a drop leg holster securely. Just like any clothes or shoes, even the excellent one can be useless if it doesn’t fit you well.

As previously stated, the drop leg holster was made with military use in mind. That means you need to wear it comfortably while performing strenuous physical activity. Always ensure that nothing presses your bare skin, dig into your kidney, or impede limbs.

3. How to wear a drop leg holster?

Many people make mistakes when they wear a drop leg holster for the first time. The good news is you can rectify this to improve your experience.

Wrong clothing- A drop leg holster is worn only when wearing a hip holster is not convenient. Meaning that to wear one, you need to have a high-quality tactical belt. The belt bears the weight of the gun to prevent sliding. Wearing a wrong belt will make you uncomfortable.

Too low-  A mistake most people make is to wear a gun above the knee. The placement of your weapon has to be low enough so that you can draw your gun quickly. A smaller drop leg holster makes one leg heavier and also increases the draw distance, which limits your speed.

Too loose– one finger should fit comfortably between your leg straps and pants. Otherwise, you are wearing a loose holster. This may not be a big problem if you are standing at the range. A loose holster can sway back and forth, making you feel uncomfortable.

4. Are there any limitations?

Only a few. No matter how high a drop leg holster is, your weapon will always sit lower than it would if you had a hip holster. Unless you have long arms, you must bend to grab and draw your weapon, which depends on your draw speed.

With practice and consistency, you’ll get used to it, but you must put on the work. Depending on how many years you have placed on the rig, it will wobble around when you wear it.

Certain holsters are better than this; however, anything placed on your thigh will move around a lot. Drop leg holsters snag when you walk. These are not major issues, but it is something you need to be aware of when you buy a holster.


There you have it folks, the best drop leg holster. The first thing is determining and knowing your needs. You have to ask yourself whether you need a drop leg holster what you will use it for. If you are sure that you can narrow your selection to the seven products we have shared with you.

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