Hornady 050108 Electronic Scale

Top 6 Best Digital Powder Scale Reviews & Buying Guides in 2021

You are about to load your empty shells with powder with your analog powder measure. Either you have to be very careful or very very experienced enough to do it perfectly. You can face the problem of over pouring and not to mention less pouring.

Many gun owners like their measurer to be analog or old school. It’s classic, we know. But we also care about your safety. There are many things that analog consumers won’t have to own. However, the digital scale is never greater than analog or vice versa. It’s never real. If in this case you have a superpower of accuracy, it’s all right. Yet most hunters in the season are not even quite fully reloaded.

That is why we have enlisted the 6 best digital powder scales for your safety, ease of use and perfection. But if you are shorter in time and looking for just the best one, then simply we would suggest you to check out Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale. This is the top-ranked scale on the internet.

Now, if you will, let’s get started with an overall review.

Top Picks In a Nutshell

Top 6 Best Digital Powder Scale Reviews & Buying Guides in 2020

1. Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale (top pick)

Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale


The Weigh Gram Digital Pocket Scale is an easily accessible, reliable product with a weighing capacity of up to 100 grams, making it a good way to measure coins, gold and food jewelry pieces, plus powders or other goods that are larger than the tablets. But you might also want to suggest warm hot water as the perfect electric kettle for cooking. The rear-lighted LCD screen is easy to read, the flip-deck protects you from injury, remaining in a pocket and paying the bottom amount. This is an all-round method that is suitable to measure stones, tablets and powder. Owing to an overall weight of 100 grams and sensitive measurements for an improvement of 0.01 g in weight. The scale can easily be adjusted between weight models, but only four alternatives are included in our number one range, compared with six.

Key features :  

  • Brand Weigh Gram
  • Item Weight 2.39 ounces
  • Package Dimensions 5.8 x 3.8 x 1.1 inches
  • Item model number 8541976147
  • Batteries 2 AAA batteries required.

Things we found bothering :

You can find it hard to use it after a few times of inactivity. Because you will have to calibrate it every time. But look at the bright side, you will not have any chance of faulty measure.

If you want to purchase it now, check it on Amazon.

2. Frankford Arsenal DS-750 Digital Reloading Scale

Frankford Arsenal DS-750 Digital Reloading Scale


With its reliably favorable scores, the Frankford Arsenal DS-750 has joined our list of the best optical reloading scales. About 1,300 ratings and over 80% of them were four stars or better. The range is 0.1 grain with a capacity of 750 grains. Calibration weights, metal powder pam, a storage box, the power supply adapters and a transparent safety cover are included with the scale and package. This scale is deliberately designed to give you full ability in terms of the hand loads you build and you would need to be able to do that everywhere you go. Moreover, it has a wide black lit display which makes reading easier.

Key features :  

  • Capacity: 750 grain (50 gram)
  • Accuracy: 0.1 grain (0.01 gram)
  • Measures in: grains, grams, carats and ounces
  • Power: 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Auto Calibration

Things we found bothering :

You may face the problem of high sensitivity. You have to be very careful while you measure. Even vibration can set the scale miss-measuring. But look at the bright side. You can have a perfect measure of keeping these things in mind.

If you want to purchase it now, check it on Amazon.

3. Hornady 050108 Electronic Scale

Hornady 050108 Electronic Scale


The Hornady Lock-N-Load Auto Charge will measure between 0.1 kernels and 1000 kernels. Therefore, this is a massive collection. It’s one of the best optical scales, for this reason. 

As a bonus, it can be used separately or incorporated into the Hornaday lock and load device, and you can swiftly adjust the kind of powder you are using by clicking on the switch. This can be today’s most robust and compact powder test. 

This fantastic tool will also weigh sand. It is designed to be extremely effective and can also quantify and evaluate the effects at a high level.

The Hornady Lock-N-Load Car Charge is amazingly equipped with a large backlit monitor. The values of this easy-to-use show can be interpreted quickly. 

The lock n load is not fitted with a funnel, but it is not required, as the powder pipe is wide enough to inject the powder. 

There are metal brackets to connect a stand to them. The leftover powder is appropriately designed and the Lock N load can be used for a long period. 

In the Hornady Lock-N-Load, Auto Charge is two dispensing choices. Manual and automated choices are offered. Both methods can be used to measure values. 

Key features :  

  • Two calibration weights
  • AC adaptor
  • 220 Volt adaptor
  • Metal powder pan

Things we found bothering :

Some of you may face the issue of its charging time. It takes much time to recharge itself. But once charged you can use it for a very long time. Almost 24 hours of charging backup. 

If you want to purchase it now, check it on Amazon.

4. Lyman Micro-Touch 1500 Electronic Scale 

Lyman Micro-Touch 1500 Electronic Scale


Consider Lyman’s Micro-Touch with a capacity of up to 1 500 grains if you need anything which operates at high capacity. It has a Hornady-like appearance but a darker and black hue. If you have a power outlet nearby, you don’t actually need batteries. 

The Lyman Micro-Touch 1500, as the name implies, is properly designed to weigh 1.500 grains of vast volumes of ammo. The exactness stays within one tenth of an acre, which is perfect for reloading and with a single press, the magnitude can be visually moved from acre to gram. 

However, as far as scales go, the Micro-Touch 1500 is cheap, meaning that output everywhere suffered.

The measurement comes with a weight of balance and a powder pan. The scale itself has a dust cover to shield the pot as you read to avoid any air movement. This is also the cheapest size of the 1,500 grains range that we have suggested here.

Key features :  

  • Capacity: 1500 Grains
  • Material: Plastic housing
  • Voltage: 110 V
  • Weight: 1 lbs / 0.45kg

Things we found bothering :

Some of you may face the issue of its recalibrating. It takes much time to recalibrate. But once calibrated you can use it for a very long time. If you want to purchase it now, check it on Amazon.

5. RCBS 98923 Chargemaster

RCBS 98923 Chargemaster


The Chargemaster is a powerful gunpowder unit. It provides you with not only an exact instrument for powder calculation, but other useful functionalities such as the memory feature are also included. 

Up to 30, your favorite loads will also be processed so that you will not have to adjust the scale each time. 

This calculation method will be a fantastic improvement if you come from a bar scale and trickier and are aiming for something simpler and less boring. It fits even very well for a huge variety of particles, from the little flakes to the big extruded ones. You’ll even note the weight included that can be used to search for the consistency of the chargemaster scale. 

Key features :  

  • 1-pound powder hopper capacity
  • Dispenses in grains or grams mode
  • Stores up to 30 loads in memory for fast, easy recall
  • The front-to-back layout allows easy access to the scale pan

Things we found bothering :

You may not find it faster than the other powder measure we have mentioned above. But you will get the perfect measure as you will have it slow and steady. 

If you want to purchase it now, check it on Amazon.

6. RCBS Scales Chargemaster Lite 120/240 Vac

RCBS Scales Chargemaster Lite 120-240 Vac


This is an RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Scale and the Chargemaster Electronic powder dispenser integrated powder measuring device. You may appreciate specific and continuous rounds charges with an installed electronic monitor. Up to 30 of your favorite loads can even be placed so that every time you don’t need to adjust the scale. 

It’s not something we have to accept. The explanation is that this tag includes the scale and the Dispenser Package for RCBS Chargemasters. There’s a lot to tell about this unit, so let’s start at once.

This measurement device would be a spectacular improvement if you come from a bar and tricker scale and are searching for the quicker and less boring stuff. It often fits great for a wide variety of material, which is an extra advantage, from the tiny flocks to the massive extruded ones. 

Key features :  

  • LCD Touchscreen display
  • Durable On/Off and Dispense buttons
  • Wind Cover
  • Powder hopper and quick-drain system
  • Built-in bubble level

Things we found bothering :

You may face the problem of over-pouring sometimes. But we can assure you that it will pour and measure powder slowly and steadily. 

If you want to purchase it now, check it on Amazon.

There Should Be Some Consideration Before Purchasing Powder Scale

If you choose a digital scale and extend from the scale to your workbench, there are several things to remember. Some individuals have a set-up or arrangement that is very easy when using a digital scale, while others need to make those changes in advance.

Measurement: Especially in the hunt for a scale we would like to highlight two things. The first is consistency and ease of reaction time. Other considerations such as architecture, power supply, portability, etc. may be considered.

Brand: Instead, keep the positive marks. Most of these common brands have been around for decades and still have reloading instruments that do not distinguish their prestigencies available.

Speed of Measurement: Precision is also the number one attribute everyone is involved in when measuring light things like gunpowder. The 0.x grain gap will make a big difference in the results of the shots.

Ease of Use: It can help eliminate inaccuracy and stop future injuries whether or not the scale can be conveniently used. When you reload shell after shell, it depends largely on how simple it is to use your size, how handy the job is.

PRICE: You should consider the price before buying one. Because every penny counts and you really don’t want to waste money on something unworthy.


If you want to reach a digital scale and stretch from floor to workbench, you have to weigh multiple factors. Some people have set up or have set up standards that are very easy for digital use, while some have to make some changes in advance. Before downloading, using, and depending on a scale, you should know these things. You should definitely pick either of the above scales. 

And do not hesitate to choose either of them. Each of these scales has many special characteristics that will help you accomplish your goal. The guide will also help you decide for yourself what is right.