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Top 5 Best Bullet Pullers in 2021: Reviews & Buying Guide

When you refresh your guns, at some stage you may require a bullet puller. Considering the recycled usage of metal boxes and the expense of each part, a bullet puller is not a cost-efficient device in several weakened shots. You have the best bullet puller as well, it is significant. For several purposes, this is one of the main instruments. You will make an error first as you produce a batch of ammunition that allows you to properly remove the ammo. You may want to cut old ammo off to encourage you to reuse the bullets with new bullets.

It is an art to make your own munitions; but, any artist would inform you that you can be as good as your own weapons, which is why being able to produce your own ammo for items such as death, the news, the size, and the like is of immense importance. 

One of the many tools a seasoned reloader has is the hammer look that appears out of position. It’s not a blowjob to smash things, it’s a blowjob to take things out. And you’ll think so at the conclusion of this article as much as you can question the way that this kinetic puller operates. The less wild, the re-charge pressure form, is favored by some.

If you set the powder meter wrongly, you need to reload the last hour, or just sit too far on a few rounds, the best bullet puller is an integral part of any loader. Bullet pullers are quick and reliable machines, but various kinds of pullers have their own benefits and drawbacks. 

A bullet puller is normally quick to use but still reliable and also a necessity for people who fill their own explosives for years. There are many explanations for extracting the substance, whether to extract the substance or whether it has corroded the container.

Normally, these methods are really straightforward to use. Yet you must be prepared to do the job correctly. 

There will be a few interesting items on the market that we can explore. Our mission is to help you find the right puller. Now, let’s go and speak in-depth in the market.

We’re here to help you find the perfect start. You’re in the right place.

Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller is taken into account by several of its users together with the Best Bullet Pullers. Considering the facility, services, reviews, and each alternative side Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller​ is our best pick.

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Top Picks In a Nutshell

Now, if you have reached this point and want to compare our top pick with other pullers, please follow our short description of every other puller.

Top 5 Best Bullet Pullers in 2020

In this article, the Best Bullet Pullers in 2020 will be introduced to you.

1. Lyman Magnum Inertia Bullet Puller

Best Bullet Pullers

The Lyman is a well-built puller for inertia. The process is exactly the same as every other puller for inertia, but it does have some characteristics that differentiate it. First of all, there is a metal shaft that is necessary when you swing on a hard surface. It’s got a really good over-molded rubber handle second. Stuff can be said for a weapon that suits your hand though you certainly won’t pull bullets outdoors in the mud. It is a great option for smaller rounds but even for bigger rounds. Two much bigger measurements can be quickly taken out by calibers of 5.7 x 28FN.

Finally, it only comes with two interchangeable nuts, but the short bullets can also be split down into magnum cartridges. That is a positive thing that a larger variety of calibers can be disassembled without adjusting the ends. That’s nice. It is constructed of a long-lasting blend of plastic and Aluminium and is ergonomically built to make you more relaxed. The architecture is designed to shield the projectile, so you won’t hurt it either. This means the parts can be removed without destroying the machinery.

Key features :  

  • No Fabric, unable to choose No
  • Imported
  • Safely strips loaded rounds in seconds
  • Prevents damage to bullet or case
  • Head design that allows Use on calibers from Tiny 5.7 x 28FN to the largest magnums

Things we found bothering :

You may face that, there will be nothing between the bullet and the puller. We meant to say a cushion. But it also gives it a firmer grip. 

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2. RCBS Pow’r Pull Kit

Best Bullet Pullers

This is a fantastic kinetic sweeping package, which has been developed to give you an ergonomic handle that makes it not just easy to use, but also simpler and effective to correct errors. There are three separate cases for carrying bursts, which can handle 5.7 and .22 and other cartridges similar to these families. 

It has a green jade hue, and the absence of a metal bar like most hammers is somewhat distinct from some. 

It is manufactured with materials of the highest standard and endures. In terms of making premium reloading goods, RCBS has established itself as one of the best brands, and this lives up to its expectations.

Key features :  

  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Hunting reloading bullet Pullers
  • Another quality Bushnell product
  • Resolves mistakes quickly and easily
  • Ergonomic handle

Things we found bothering :

You may find the puller bit more expensive than others. Which also leads it to a common competition with lower-priced pullers. But something greater comes with a greater price, right? 

If you want to purchase it now, check it on Amazon.

3. AmeriGun Club Quick and Easy Impact Bullet Puller

Best Bullet Pullers

Many of you are asking you that the Bullet Puller type for resistance is the best to use and can be the fastest. I noticed that on nearly any instance with just one fine whack I could detach the brass from the projectile. It was so simple. 

Three separate collets were included in the pack, making it convenient to select various calibers. It will work with up to 45-70 cartons from anywhere from the 22 hornets and I could operate with any sort of rimmed cartons, even those on rimmed cartouches.

Key features :  

  • 3 different collets included
  • Works with practically every caliber from 22 Hornet to 45-70
  • Works with rimmed or rimless bullets
  • An impact-style tool to easily pull bullets
  • Works with one stern “wack” to separate bullet from brass

Things we found bothering :

You may find the puller much more expensive than most other pullers. Which also leads it to a common competition of price. But something greater comes with a greater price. 

If you want to purchase it now, check it on Amazon.

4. GRIP-N-PULL Standard Rifle Bullet Puller

Best Bullet Pullers

This is a special bullet puller in the classical style. The cartridge is now put in a recharge press in a shell holder. However, this is a handheld puller, which has slots of various types, instead of getting individual collets for each caliber. You pick up the bullet with the right slot and the bullet is taken out when you decrease the box. The Grip-N-pull is easy, leaves all the powder in the case, and uses a number of cartridges. By putting the cartouche in the screw, you will snatch the cartouche like you might for a normal pin set. The ammo is withdrawn with a quick turn and drag. 

It is constructed of long-lasting stainless steel that can last for a lifetime. The organization also has a lifelong warranty for the goods. It’s a proprietary, exclusive puller, but you won’t be able to find many more. You may also select from another three models: (Large Rifle), (Pistol), and (Mil-Spec). The bullet puller will be a nice choice if you choose the calipers to suit into either of those types.

Key features :  

  • Pulls ALL of these standard rifle calibers: 17, 20, 22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 and 30
  • Pulls bullets in a fraction of the time with zero mess & doesn’t make any intrusion on the bullets
  • Made of 1/4″ heavy-duty #304 stainless steel and backed by a LIFETIME warranty
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Three other models available: 1) Large Rifle, 2) Pistol, 3) Mil-Spec

Things we found bothering :

You may feel that you will have to have a stronger grip as it needs great force to pull the bullets. But look at the bright side, you will have the en surety of great pulling.

If you want to purchase it now, check it on Amazon.

 5. Hornady 50090 Kinetic Bullet Puller

Best Bullet Pullers

This is a basic kinetic puller. It’s a decent choice, but it also has excellent consistency and comes at a cheap price. What really shocked me was what this little plastic object would take to defeat. I have used this many times and I am shocked by the regular use it gives. It’s really lasting. 

It also contains a gap that allows the loading of the next cartridge in the lock. This saves some time, however, poses a problem that occasionally powder falls out of the clear. You ought to be a little more cautious to be proactive enough that no wasting occurs.

It is able to accommodate almost every form of a cartridge. Since I’ve used it from 500 Smith and Wesson to rounds like 2000. It has a strong little handle that makes it easy to use but offers the correct sort of donation to avoid the hands being sorry for 20 or 30 minutes. 

Key features :  

  • Generally, puller requires just a few whacks
  • Capable of withstanding a lot of pressure and force
  • Can pull bullets with tight crimping
  • Suitable for pistol and rifle cartridges up to 45-caliber
  • Hollow head collects the bullet and powder

Things we found bothering :

Some of you may face the problem of sourness of the palm due to overuse. So we would suggest you use it at a minimal limit or use it with breaks. 

If you want to purchase it now, check it on Amazon.

There Should Be Some Consideration Before Purchasing Bullet Pullers

It may seem easy, but in reality, before you buy Bullet Pullers, you need to think about a variety of items. It can harm you and your bullet or you may not even be able to pull with it if you do not do it properly. 

Maximum Lasting:

Bullet pullers must be sufficiently strong to pull bullets that can get trapped in challenging angles. And even though it doesn’t, it always needs to be durable enough to avoid the relentless strain to eject hard bolted bullets or lift brass bits trapped during munition fixing and processing. 

Be sure that the bullet puller components you are each eligible to access are lasting. If not, the whole tool would be made worthless if one element fails or gets dented.


Consumers only purchase goods from trustworthy labels then why will a puller be an exception? The use of a low-quality bullet puller could contribute to losses and end up costing you more.


The pulling arises primarily by the use of handles. If the puller’s handle is not long or heavy, you are slowed down considerably. 

When you operate with hundreds of rounds of bullets consecutively, it becomes a major challenge. Make sure the handle is ergonomic and does not annoy you.

Bottom Line

For every reloader, a bullet puller is an integral piece of equipment. I would strongly suggest that you look at the Hornady Cam-Lock bullet puller if you intend on breaking down massive numbers of ammo. This is much easier than whacking an inertia puller many times a turn. I have always liked the possibilities of persistence, being totally truthful. They are fine, cost-effective, and simple to use. You need stamina and a lot of energy to keep using them, particularly if you do a lot of trips. But hey, a puller is still helpful since errors exist, and you can repair a puller!